New Energy Axles (Electric Car Axles) making London dream come ture

Wheelside Electric Axles = Energy Saving + Cost-effective + Environmentally friendly

As reported -- London, England recently introduced the first pure electric double-decker bus, designed to improve air quality. London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe, especially in the city center. As one of the highlights of London's public transport system, London's double-decker bus has been one of the most iconic symbols of London, alongside the Big Ben and Black Taxi, and is a major source of London life and a source of headaches for the London authorities.

In this regard, London introduced a hybrid bus Routemaster earlier, a bus can carried in 78 passengers, the use of diesel-electric hybrid is equivalent to a reduction of 87 cars emissions. However, the daily commuter bus will still emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The pure electric bus seems to be the only solution.

London Transport Bureau (TfL) is also forword to this direction, they ordered the first pure electric double-decker bus recently. The bus will be tested on Route 98. Although the price has not yet been made public, the authorities have also revealed that the electric bus is more expensive than the $ 500,000 "Corridor". In future, the bus will have lower operating costs, both for cost and for the environment.

The bus is expected to have a maximum mileage of 180 miles (290 km), charge at night, daytime without charge can drive all day. Like other electric vehicles, the bus is equipped with a braking energy recovery system and to ensure that power is not wasted intelligent software. However, due to the use of air conditioning in summer and the decline in winter battery efficiency, the maximum stroke may be reduced.

Leon Daniels, Tfl's road traffic director, also said that air quality in London is notoriously poor, and that reducing bus emissions would help improve air quality. However, pure electric vehicles and their engine noise is very low, visitors may need to pay more attention when they crossing the road.

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