Hangzhou Boying Mr. Tang



I was in Hangzhou dealer Tang, in cooperation with the Hubei Axle nearly eight years, its product quality, price, delivery and business policies are very good, did not have to say. Give me the greatest feeling, as updated change communication mode, Hubei Axle creates a new information exchange platform for the first time (the first is dedicated to dealer registered mail, to the QQ group, Fetion groups, micro-channel group), we facilitate communication, consultation, orders, greatly reduced the cost of our detour, we contribute to our customers Inquiry turnover rate. Also recently developed a special trip all the ancillary products "product inquiry system", available online direct all product sub-parts drawing number, the development of this resource to provide for our dealers, is a great asset. So with the fear into the Hubei Axle, it is our ideal partner!

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